Invictus Studio makes use of Microsoft tools and frameworks to design scalable and applicable web and mobile applications. Our IT solutions are customized with consideration to interoperability and maintainability of a software system. We stay updated with latest technological trends in order to provide the end user with the best interface experience and improve the overall system performance.


Java is one of the most widely used programming language used for building applications from video games, mobile to server side applications. These Java-based tools allow seamless integration and are easily portable on any platform. At Invictus Studio, our team of developers has proficiency across multiple tools and frameworks listed below.


Our services in the open source platform are vast. Building web applications, business portals, Content Management websites for different industries make use of PHP scripting language. This framework is high on performance and allows ease of control. Invictus Studio primary focus is to deliver customized, and well-integrated web solutions for all business needs.


We have a proficiency in various diversified tools and latest technologies that are adopted to reshape the existing system structure. With a cloud-based server improve your application security through regular data backups to add stability in your web/mobile applications. Invictus Studio works with an objective to improve business visibility and being problem solvers, have served numerous startup companies to take their business to the next level.


Providing flexible mobile solutions that handle project from platform selection, integration to final product release. Invictus Studio uses tools for native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications that are easy to use and are consistent in design and functionality to captivate user attention. Protect your corporate data with our enterprise security solution that minimizes external risks and provide seamless support of your device and application.


Invictus Studio uses market updated Quality assurance and testing tools to ensure that the programmed software conforms to the desired quality standards. This practice has proven to reduce software maintenance cost and helped to identify and rectify errors before product launch. Our QA team carries out rigorous testing to check program’s code, software design, and stress management.


Invictus Studio provides the technical knowledge and technological consultancy to support our customer’s business objectives and hence ensure that their desired goals are achieved within the project scope. With continuous changes in working environment, the market becomes more demanding. We, therefore, provide solutions that can adapt and thrive in the long run.

UI and UX Design

Building aesthetically pleasing visual web presence with a seamless balance of technological expertise, domain knowledge, and industry experience. Our hard work and dedication are reflected in each our projects with our bespoke designs and out of the box ideas. With an element of creativity, craftsmanship and thorough planning, Invictus Studio delivers high-quality products to outshine your business from the competitors.

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