Why You Need a Responsive Website

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December 6, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

Responsive web design is an approach to design web pages that can quickly adjust itself in size regardless of any device used. Google, being the ruler of the internet have also started to use responsive web designs because it is the most preferred design that uses only single URL and content for all type of devices. It does not only make the work easier but also improves the search engines ranking.

Why is it recommended to use a responsive web design? The following reasons will  help to answer some if not all of your queries.

The five most important reasons for a website to have a responsive design is listed in this blog below:


A responsive design for a website is user-friendly. A single URL works for all platforms. It saves time and efforts of web designers by developing a single website that is adaptive to all devices.

 Multi Devices Adaptability

As discussed above, a responsive website is user-friendly. Responsive layouts are adaptive and are designed with complex codes to transform and respond to different user interfaces. A non-responsive design typically changes the content and layouts if used on a smaller device. It not only changes the resolution but also greatly affects the user experience. A responsive website is thus the best approach to reach your customers by automatically adjusting the web pages to any screen size without altering the content or resolution.

 Lesser Work Requirement

A responsive design takes considerably lesser development time than programming an additional stand alone mobile site. It is easier to manage and maintain that can be easily optimized using different layout tools.

 Future Proof

Responsive website development is the best tool to match with the requirements of future devices. They are compatible with all kinds of screens and devices now and later. Most of the people have adopted e-shopping rather than going to the physical stores for shopping. Your website must have a responsive design to comfortably fit and respond on any mobile device. This increases the viewership of your website and thus generates greater revenues for the business.


Moving into the world of mobile devices, the importance of responsive website has grown. Google has recommended using responsive design to have an easy access of website on any device. It brings consistency in the layout and content of the website and ensures a smooth experience for your customers. It not only delivers an experience to your clients but also increases the traffic for your website through social media marketing as social media has now become very active on mobile devices. All you need to do is understand your customers needs and usage of mobile devices.


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