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July 23, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

What makes you unique as a small business? When it comes to competing as a new business, uniqueness in your business model is the key to what differentiates you from others. Air BnB launched the travel business model of allowing residents to take in tourists, the next company who came up with the same idea will not do the same amount of business.


The same concept is behind the phenomenal success of Alibaba, Foodpanda, Uber, and many other businesses that started in a garage and are multi-billion dollar enterprises in the present day. So today, we will discuss the main principles behind the success of these enterprises, with examples!

1.    Convenience:

Do you know how Air BnB, Foodpanda, and Uber make your life easy? You have to find a way to develop a product delivery system that makes the consumer’s life easy as well. Believe it or not, it is a simple enough process.

You have to conduct careful research into how, when, and where your consumer is most expected to buy your product. Now you will design a delivery and execution system that helps them avail your product to most of its potential. So Air BnB focuses on local living options because they are in the user’s vicinity and easy to reach. Ask yourself, what makes you unique?

2.    Reliability/Dependability:

A useful customer review can turn PhotoLab into the best product, and a bad customer review can shut down your business. Most of the business is conducted online these days, so make sure that you are delighted with your website and mobile app performance.

Also, make sure that you have straightforward payment options and credit card based payment options available on your website and mobile apps. Now, you have to focus on delivering reliable and high-quality products only!

3.    Quality:

The quality of your product is crucial to what can make you unique. Always avoid taking more orders than you can handle or signing up more customers than you can serve. Make sure that you have a big enough set up that you can maintain all of your customers.

Also, understand that putting ‘out of stock’ or ‘fully booked’ sign is attractive. So avoid putting these options down. At the beginning of a business, your customers have to give you raving reviews, or you will have a hard time attracting new customers.

4.    Superior Customer Service:

Customer service, in modern times, is a complex process in itself. You get reviews online, and all the customers love to write three long paragraph stories of their experience. Focus on training your customer care representatives in all possible situations.

Also, make a simple sheet where every question has been answered so that they will not have to look up at any answers. Practice phone conversations with them so that they know how to manage demanding customers without trouble. These simple steps will help you get a strong reputation as a brand that cares about its customers.

5.    Creativity:

In other words, engagement is the modern key to growing your business. Creativity, in the modern enterprise, is the ability to keep your users engaged. You have a brand, and you need to develop a brand identity, theme colors, and tone.

All of these aspects of your brand will be developed in the brand engagement process and will be what makes you a unique answer! Your brand engagement is where you will have to use your creativity to keep the attention of your audience. So focus on developing the most engaging USP.

Remember that most individuals are busy and do not have a lot of time. Keep things simple and easy to catch. All the content you share should be thought-provoking if you can engage your consumers in a simple but effective manner then that will be so much better.

6.    Offbeat Humor:

Humor and especially good wit are a great way to get the audience’s attention. Whatever you create, if you can infuse it with light but high-quality fun, your audience will be happy. They will be more likely to engage with your product. ‘Foodpanda’ has a youthful and engaging campaign for all of its products.

The same can be said for many other modern brands, but it is not what makes them unique. Air BnB and Uber cannot have humor as these are serious businesses. So how they keep their audience engaged? Focus on high-quality self- depreciation, and you will have a great experience. JWT, a famous advertising corporation, lists the successful writers who applied in the company and were not shortlisted. It’s a simple way to invite talent while still keeping it light.

Make sure that you explain in your content that you take your work seriously, but do not take yourself seriously. Walking that thin line can be extremely complicated, but it is achievable if you allow it. So always look at your witty content and make sure that it cannot be taken in the wrong way. Be funny if you can be safe!

7.    Emotion:

Remember the ‘are corporations people?’ debate? The main focus of the discussion was that most brands now have a human perspective. Every brand has its own political and social stance, and most corporations have strong views on current affairs.

You have to develop a persuasive stance for your corporation to strengthen what makes you unique. Always make sure that you put out mild and well-written statements discussing your ’emotional’ opinion on current affairs. It is an excellent way to make sure that you are considered a focused and well-groomed business.


So here are the main aspects of a unique USP for your entrepreneurial venture. A unique USP is not a simple, one-line statement but the core of what makes you unique. It is a style of developing and planning your business that makes it look modern.

You do not have to stand out, but you have to belong in the top bracket. That is all your USP should focus on achieving.  We hope that these steps will help you achieve that uniqueness factor.