What Is A Creative Block And How Can Designers Deal With It?

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April 20, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

As a designer, ever felt trapped and uninspired? Like there is nothing new and exciting that can be created, or the ideas have somehow stopped flowing. Then the chances are that you are suffering from a ‘creative block.’ The term self-explanatory in its form is the interruption of creativity that disables a person to perform the routine tasks fluently. A creative block may be caused due to many reasons without having a definite period of stay. It may last for days, months or in some cases for years.

It is mostly experienced by individuals in creative professions. Every artist from a writer, designer to even a musician has gone through this phase of stalled creativity at some point in their careers. It even happened to many renowned artists and writers such as Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Pollock. The process is inevitable and bound to happen to anyone and at any time. Before you start to panic thinking that you might just lose your talent, rejuvenate your mind by going through our list of tips that you can follow next time you encounter a creative block.


And by draw, we don’t mean opening Microsoft paint or any other graphics application for that matter but to literally get down with a paper and pencil and draw your mind out. Doodle your random thoughts, make use of different colors and markers to sketch anything. Sit in a relaxed environment, close your eyes and pen down whatever appears in your mind.


The drawn object does not need to make sense; it can be anything pointless. A circle, line or any miscellaneous item. The idea of this procedure is to help foster creativity through divergent thinking that will eventually stimulate the designer’s inner creativity. New ideas will then naturally flow.

Light Up Your Working Space

Following an office routine can be quite dull and tedious. A designer draws out inspiration from its surroundings, and as a full-time professional logo designer, you are bound to work within the same vicinity for consecutive 8-9 hours. Lack of innovation in office architecture or interior design structure will suffocate the designer, causing hindrance in their creative thinking process.

You obviously can’t change the entire office design setting but can instead decorate your working space according to your own like and taste. Get inspirational design quotes pinned to your desk wall/cubicle, add colorful clippings, print pictures of family/friends to relive the cherished memories spent with them. The purpose is to make you comfortable and motivated. The work desk will serve as the creativity space to take your imagination to a whole new level.

Playing video games

Video games have long been tied as a part of a recreational activity. However, recent studies show that they stimulate brain activity and enhances mental fitness. By playing video games, a person gets a stream of new and fresh ideas while at the same time is able to make better decisions.


A video game player is energized with a good mood that in turn induces creativity. So the next time anyone tells you about how you are wasting your time playing a video game, tell them it is a part of the creativity restoration process.

Stroll and explore

Being creatively blocked is frustrating and tend to disturb your routine activities. As the deadline gets nearer, the pressure increases and it is no surprise that a designer is in shambles. In the panic that follows, the designer spends nights (probably with a half-empty stomach) trying to complete the project by the deadline. What actually is compromised in the process is the quality of design.


The designer focused on just finishing the project will eventually lose interest and design for the sake of designing (and from the fears of getting fired). A designer must be able to enjoy a leisure time even if just for an hour. A stroll in the park to enjoy the scenic beauty, taking pictures and exploring places around or even taking a nap is sufficient to be refreshed and active.

Creativity is an enduring process. Its effects can at times treat you with a slow death or put you on the top of the mountain where you can see everything clearly and easily. Nevertheless, creativity alone can never guarantee the formation of a good design. Illustrator Sydney Pink captures this perfectly:

“The idea of divine inspiration and an aha moment is largely a fantasy. Anything of value comes from hard work and unwavering dedication. If you want to be a good artist you need to look at other artists, make a lot of crappy art, and just keep working.”



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