How Can Video Animation Benefit Your Online Presence?

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April 16, 2021 By Invictus Studio Editor

The rise of digitization has galvanized the users to get the best out of the world on their small hand-held devices. These days, users can quickly get their hands on their most favorite content on the internet. In this instance, intelligent users must know that almost every single content available online intends to sell something. Yes, marketers, sellers, and different social and public platforms on the internet constantly strive to trade and make the most out of the digital share.

And so, we frequently come across strange, engaging, and mind-boggling content to grab our attention, take us through the sales funnel and convert into buyers. That is how digital marketing works. Businesses make sure to engage users to optimize their sales. Here, engagement is the key to the latest digital marketing tactics. What keeps your users engaged can help you grow your revenue.

Earlier, digital marketers essentially focused on best SEO practices and still do. However, the latest trends have a bit tweaked, and now,

“Engagement is the new SEO.”

What Keeps Users Engaged?

Let’s talk about some facts!

A study revealed that 85% of internet users in the U.S. watch online video content on any device. 

Not only this, another study showed that viewers spend an average of six hours forty-eight minutes on video streaming weekly.

The outbreak of covid has also put an upsurge in the amount of video viewing. Binge-watching is an upswing amid the pandemic. According to Statista, a survey conducted in the July-October 2020 revealed that 61 percent of Generation Z and Millennials watched more videos on social media apps, where 52 percent were inclined to watch videos on smartphones. The behavioral changes occurring in this period are seemingly going to stay for an unknowing period.

Apart from this, the video culture is growing at a rampant pace. Gone are the days when the audience exerts effort into watching or reading too obvious marketing baits to get convinced by the company. Today, users ask for easy ways, quick solutions, and indisputable evidence before buying something. And it comes as no surprise that digital video advertising expenditure in the U.S. is to grow at $12.66 billion by 2024.

Videos contributed as an integral element in the success of social media platforms in recent years. No wonder why users find it the most convenient way to learn about products, services, and information they want.

Video Ads Helps Users Learn About Products & Services

Video animation is making a significant impact on the users and their buying habits. What they browse and stream daily affects what they choose to purchase. In a survey regarding the impact of video ads, 93% of consumers reported that video ads help buy a product. Consumers prefer video over reading about a product or looking at photos to learn about a new product or service. Video content is users’ favorite content from different brands and companies on several social media platforms. The topmost popular social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, are the most favorite spaces to find the ads for newest products or services.

Why Animated Videos?

Animated video is an engaging tool that keeps your audience engaged with a complete story. Explanatory videos can work best to spread awareness about your brand and increase sales. A video on a landing page is likely to increase conversion by 80%. Brands can convince their audience to buy at an increased rate if they add a video to their ad campaigns.

A majority of online users prefer to watch a video over reading. It is clearly because videos require relatively lesser effort than to read content, and people want something light on their brains when they surf their favorite channels after a long tiring day. Not only this, but youngsters also enjoy watching videos more than reading something.

Animation Wins!

Consumer preference is leading to a surprising video explosion in content marketing. Videos are used more for lead generation and conversions. Moreover, many internet users do not want to interact with humans if they need certain information directly. If they don’t want to talk to the salesperson, animation videos can help them learn the required information. Videos and animations can significantly influence the sales funnel.

Different types of video content can help in different situational needs, and it takes another study to find out what kind of videos work better in different situations. However, animation has the potential to combat additional video requirements on the internet. It can offer more benefits over other visuals.

Animation Retains Viewers’ Attention

Today, when the internet is full of engaging content, users can easily get distracted. Therefore, most users have a short attention span, and they only stick to content that keeps them engaged.

More this, Ninety-three percent of businesses landed a new customer because of ads on social media. That is the power of video ads on social media. Savvy marketers are using animation to present a video that seems more like a short video clip than an apparent marketing effort or ad. Animation is thus less known to be a marketing tool, and people are willing to pay more attention to animated videos than to traditional ads.

Animation Adds Fun

People are on the internet mainly for two reasons; either for entertainment or to learn about something. They appreciate the fun element in every content they watch and share. The more fun and entertainment in your content, the higher are the chances of it getting popular among users. Animation videos are 10X more fun than other types of videos.

Video animations can inspire users relatively quicker. They are light, funny, emotional, and entertaining at the most. If your video gets popular among users, you can spread the right message across social channels. It can highly impact your online presence and promote trust with your brand.

The Bottom Line

Video is the future of advertising and marketing. And to catch the future right into our hands, video animation can help companies acquire all that attention they want. Animation is the most popular and effective type of video content that keeps the audience engaged. Therefore, the animation is the marketing tool your business needs to optimize your online presence by getting more views, likes, and shares. What makes video animation unique is its potential to engage, add fun. and arouse emotions among viewers. And not to mention, it is easier and cheaper to create, and there are several ways to use it.

If you want to make an animation video that grabs your audience’s attention span, Invictus Studio is the right place to make your marketing campaigns.


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