Tips To Build a Likable Brand

Marketing & Branding
May 5, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

It is a known fact that brand building is a lengthy and detailed process that requires an equal attention to details as well as staying consistent with the principles that form a brand identity. Unlike the common perception, a brand is more than just a logo or a tagline. It is the combination of several factors and principles that together gives rise to a product. Having a clear idea regarding your brand objectives and the value it holds are the key factors that businesses must consider while launching its product/service.

The Right Image

Whether you are selling toothpaste or a high-tech machine, the overall idea remains the same: gaining customer attention. Since your brand is the representative of your business, it must portray a likable image that creates a profound sense of connection with its users. How to achieve that? Simple, make your brand relatable to every user. The product must highlight the underlying problem and the way the brand plans to solve it. The language used should be simple and easy to understand with suitable examples. In short, the brand must be consumer centric. An example of this can be seen through social media marketing of the brand Innocent Drinks.


Despite being a juice brand, the company has adopted a fun approach in promoting their product. They have used the digital platform to foster a creative and clever brand personality through witty and appealing content. The goal is to stand out in the crowd in order to connect with the consumer on a personal level.

Marketing and Branding: The Ongoing Process

Brand creation is followed by an extensive marketing effort that involves targeting the right audience at the right time. A brand can only be successful when its support is strong which mostly relies on the customer perception of the brand. Business strategists and marketers should work on developing a favorable brand image that is likely to resonate with the consumer’s likes and interests.


Businesses and independent entrepreneurs are often misled by the belief that branding is a ‘one-time’ activity that once built, will last for a long time. Even though it is true that an initial well-planned strategy strengthens the structure of a brand, it must be re-visited once in a while to meet the changing needs. As customers get more demanding with changing trends, marketers need to ensure that their ideas don’t become obsolete with time. This does not necessarily mean a complete product re-branding but applying small and effective remedial measures to ensure brand sustainability.

Timing is everything

Marketing is all about capturing the consumer’s attention at the right place, right time and in the right frame of mind. The reason for this is closely associated with the consumer’s habits and behaviors at a certain time of the day or a particular event. In holiday marketing, for instance, marketers deliberately design brand campaigns that evoke emotions to promote sharing and connect people with their loved ones.

Similarly, even on regular days, the traffic on social media accounts as a major factor that influences customer decision about a brand. For example, a post on social media channel is likely to receive maximum engagement during weekdays at a time between 1 PM to 3 PM. The trick is to engage and then retain your customer interest on a timely basis. Being attentive to your user’s likes and dislikes and devising strategies that will captivate them with your unique branding at a most favorable time will gain you profitable and loyal customers.

Building a likable brand is similar to being a likable personality yourself. To be funny, considerate, have empathy are all the characteristics that can allow a business to distinguish their offerings from the competitors. Start with solving user’s frustration to deliver a pleasurable experience.




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