Logo Fonts that Every Designer Should Know

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November 29, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

The logo design methods have come a long way, and the designers are researching new designs to make the logo look different and unique. A logo design with a good typography is an art, and the importance of typography has increased no matter be it a logo design, web design, blog or an article. Choosing the correct font in a design tells the story itself before a reader reads the words.

It is not as easy as we think, creating a logo design is an art; an art performed by professional logo design companies. These companies are in a competitive stage of providing affordable logo design services  for all type of businesses.

A logo design is a key for a business to make itself as a unique identity. Creating a good design is a challenge for logo designers which includes choosing a mix of graphic, design and strong typography for the logo design.

The font in a logo design makes a logo clear, easy to read and adds a visual appeal to the logo design. They are essential elements of designing, and a right font can have a direct effect on the interests of your audience.

Here are few fonts, every designer should know and must use adequately in logo designs.


Helvetica font is a professional font use to illustrate and clearly deliver a brand message. It is used in many brand logos such an as Skype where smooth lines of the Helvetica font are brought close to each other showing a vibrant and unique combination.


If you are looking to use a modern typeface for your logo design, then Glegoo is the right choice for you. It helps in making the text of your logo readable even when viewed in small sizes.

Dekar Free

Dekar Free font is worth considering for a graphical logo design. It includes motion, print web and graphical text effects to make a logo design more appealing.


Frutiger is used in logo design for easy recognition and for reading at a distance. If you are designing a logo for a billboard, then Frutiger is the right choice for you,

Example: Flickr logo is the familiar blue and pink color combination with Frutiger font.

Neo Sans

Neo Sans is from Sans-Serif family and the most sophisticated and elegant typeface of all times. The curved corners of the font give it a friendlier look helps in creating a welcoming logo design.


Timber is the best font which is used for personal and commercial use. The bold effect in the font conveys the message of the brand and widely used in most logo designs.


If you are in a process to create a refreshing, lively and energetic logo design, then Ries is the best choice for you. It makes a detailed and cool logo design.

Airstrike Regular

It is a striking bold font widely used to create a logo for the sports industry. A professional logo design firm has skilled logo designers who always make the correct use of the font in a logo design.


Typography is a picture of words; a logo design is the first graphic image seen by our potential customers, so a logo design must be built with the correct font choice to make it deliver the pure essence of your business.

A font in a logo goes hand in hand in portraying a business. Though typeface seems to be simple yet influences on the overall brand, therefore, understanding the logo fonts is important for every logo designer before carrying out any project.


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