The Art of Logo Designing

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September 20, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

A logo may seem a simple work of art, but in fact, it is more than just a symbol that goes on to explain a company’s objectives and values. It is a brand’s identity and serves as an element that the customer uses for recognition and recall while purchasing a product or service. The significance of a logo lies in the fact that it uniquely caters to your business need and can even serve as the motivational factor for someone to consider or buy from your company.

Logo designing is an art in itself that requires careful selection of colors, font, text size and use of info-graphics. Various elements should be considered while striving to create the perfect logo.

Logo with a Personality

A good logo should be a reflection of a brand’s identity and culture. Depending on the type of audience you are targeting or the kind of services your business provides, the logo depicts your side of the story without any need for long words or explanations.

Semantic Designs

Having a logo with a deep, hidden message can elicit considerable attention and interest. Such designs not only stirs curiosity among viewers but are also eternal that endures the test of time.

Choosing the Right Color and Font

Selection of an appropriate font with the color scheme is highly critical for a business success. Fonts evoke emotions that help to convey the essence of your brand. For instance, the color red signifies power and is used mostly in food products to stimulate appetite. Similarly, the use of typeface or a font determines the market you are targeting. In the case of Disney logo, the font induces a fun feeling and rightly serves to convey its purpose.


This may be the most cliched aspect to mention, but for a logo design to be unique, the condition is to be original, authentic and creative. The trick is to avoid common design choices that are obvious to be considered. Just because you sell cars does not necessarily mean that your logo should forcibly be designed into a car. Be imaginative and think out of the box.

Invictus Studio has maintained a reputation of serving numerous reputable clients. Our Logo designs portfolio reflects the hard work and dedication that our team inputs to generate designs that speak for themselves. A logo is the heart and soul of a brand, don’t make a wrong decision of entrusting your business idea to someone who will not value your ideology and vision.


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