My EasyFi Case Study: The Uber Budget Planner App With Bursting Benefits

Design & Development
March 13, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

In 2016, Chuck and his wife were hustling with their finances to make both ends meet. They found a system to keep check of their budget and tackle their debt and future. What seemed like an idea developed into a decision – to help others come in tune with personal finances and become better at handling them. But how did this decision transform into a full-fledged finance tracker app called My EasyFi?


A Web App Was The Best Choice, But…


The technology used for personal finances emerged as a predictive indicator of the idea’s implementation into a web app. The idea seemed like the right answer. But, personal finance software are already available in the market and offer a multitude of features like budget planners, envelope systems, debt elimination and so on. For My EasyFi, the app had to step into the personal finance lane with a unique edge, keeping the flexibility, ease, and comfort of the users intact.


Invictus Studio Had The Answer


For a financial app like My EasyFi, Invictus Studio was ready to take the pledge. We ran a deep scan to understand the financial goals, niche, market, and the technology required. The company realized that My EasyFi needed to implement features that tended to the audiences of all ages in helping them overcome their financial hassles.


My EasyFi At A Glance


As the name indicates, this all-rounder financial app aims to bring peace to your economic chaos. It gives you chances to build a budget, track your expenses and manage your debt seamlessly. Using your 6-month data, the app gives you an overview of your total budgeting, spending, saving, and debt elimination. The app also gains a competitive edge with its affiliate marketing feature that comes with both free and paid memberships.


Challenges We Came Across


My EasyFi connected with Invictus Studio in 2018_. The main challenge was to design and develop the financial app from scratch and market it aggressively to provide a robust visual-cum-functional experience that focused on the app’s main features and user experience.

Following features were suggested to define the app’s scope and its usability:

  • Budget builder
  • Money tracker
  • Debt eliminator
  • Future Planner
  • Affiliate Marketing

Each of the features had to be researched before development, along with market and competitor analytics to support the app’s development process. As we started working on the project, we needed to set a framework model that elevated the width of each feature, making it more comprehensive.


How We Approached The App


Working with the client, Invictus Studio rolled out a complete plan to lay the foundation for the app. Like our other projects, we needed to create a web application that resonated with the initial idea. We organized an extensive plan to develop, integrate, and bolster the app’s functional ability for users. We planned to:


  • Connect users’ bank accounts to the app
  • Create a robust framework to integrate and support user data
  • Build a flexible UI on the web
  • Add interactive charts for data display
  • Optimize the web app to allow users to learn and interact with the app’s features
  • Maintain the site’s responsiveness and ensure constant support in the background
  • Create a symmetrical user interface that aligns with ease of use


Our Solution


By combining the efforts of our development and design teams, we employed the Laravel framework with expressive and elegant syntax to move the development process towards seamlessness. Our teams ensured that each process is carried without compromising the app functionality.

We then integrated the Plaid technology, which is a tech layer for financial services. We used it to connect the users’ bank accounts to the app. To build a neat UI, we also used the Vue.js framework, so the flexibility remains at peak. Since the app requires a graphical representation of data, we used Highcharts to add interactive charts for engaging data display.

Invictus Studio catered to the client by sticking to their requirements matched with our expertise. We ensured that the client is updated on both the design and development front. To get the project completed in time, we relied on the strength of our teams to race against the time frame provided to us.


The Results


As the deadline was met and the product was delivered to the client in the designated timeframe, My EasyFi was launched with success. Invictus Studio laid out the app after assuring the app’s operation and function via demo—testing phase. We optimized the overall app to gain more visibility among its competitors.


My EasyFi Features

As we developed the app, each of the features remained intact with the user perception in mind. The app provides the following main features:


  • Budget Builder

This feature allows you to create your monthly budget with respect to your income, spending, debt payment, and savings. The budget builder tracks your data and gives you real-time estimates about spending and saving for the future. You can even track your goals based on three main categories aligned with your six months of data.

budget builder

  • Money Tracker

Using Money Tracker allows you to track where and how your money went into spending. Here, you also receive insights about providing smart insights to plan your budget for the present and coming days. You can link your account, designate the main expenditures, set deadlines for bill payments, and the app will take a note on every dime you spend.

money tracker

  • Debt Eliminator

The debt eliminator allows the users to keep a constant check on their debts of all kinds. Keeping your data in the view, the app gives you near-real estimates of how your current debt looks like and what method you can choose to pay your debt rapidly. You can choose to pay the debt by the snowball or the avalanche method.

debt eliminator

  • Future Planner

The future planner allows you to gather your stats in one place and see how your future is shaped with the current income expenditure. Here, you can gain insights about how much you’ve saved for your future with a particular savings plan. The app also gives you a real-time estimation of how you’re inching close to your future saving plans.

future planner

  • Affiliate Program

My EasyFi offers you a complete affiliate program that makes the app a unique one among its competitors. The affiliate program comes in both free and paid membership plans, with a 50% commission designated for each. With the free one, you can earn per paid referral for a month. You also get to view the demo account. With premium membership, you will be able to use all the financial features along with earning the commission for a year. It helps you keep in touch with fixing your finances rapidly.

affilaite program

  • Other Resources

Other resources include everything like calculator, tips, and tricks, and reports and analytics to keep you posted on all the latest news and ideas on keeping your finances kept and organized. The app will provide you with recommendations as per your financial progress.



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