Mobile App Development Challenges And How to Solve Them

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June 26, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

Mobile app development is an extensive process that faces various challenges during and followed by the development phase. It requires a lot of research and effort to obtain a final success. However, app development starts at the very moment when the idea of an come into existence. And, it goes a long way towards the launch and marketing while keep evolving as a result of customer reviews and experience.

Since mobile app development has acquired a lot of popularity and hype in a few recent years many businesses and entrepreneurs have either already build mobile apps or are planning to have one at the top of their business strategies.

In a situation where a mobile app has become a necessity for many businesses out there, it is crucial to understand the challenges and hence make strategic solutions to overcome those challenges. The blog simply covers some common challenges that come along the mobile app development process.


Before moving on to the development challenges specifically, let’s talk about a major challenge that occurs in making a mobile app. There are a lot of apps that get submitted to both Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and it’s difficult to make its place among a lot of competitors. Therefore, mobile apps have become for business in the last decade.

For a business owner, the idea of mobile app development mast brings a lot of questions and queries before the practical implementation of the idea. Thus, extensive research is required to overcome the most common barriers in this way. There are several phases in a mobile app development process, and you need to focus clearly on some of the most important business goals to build a successful mobile app.

A Practical Mobile app idea:

With a lot of competitors already existing in the market and many similar apps in the app stores, it is not an easy endeavor to go with the idea that brings results. On top of all, entrepreneurs all around the world are constantly putting efforts to develop apps that fill the voids in the society. No one wants to build an app that nobody looks up to.

To overcome this, make sure you perform extensive research. Perform a market study to realize where there is a void in the market that you can satisfy. Aside from developing an application that individuals need seriously, you need to make it seem physically extraordinary with exceptional graphics and features since it is the physical attraction that pulls in an individual first. The right start can take you in the right direction. Therefore, always begin with the right research, analysis, and implementation of ideas.

To get over this challenge, answer the following queries:

  • What value does your app hold?
  • Is your app going to fill the gap in the market?
  • Is your app new or a better version of an old one?
  • What are the core features and functions of your app?
  • Is there a similar app already launched in the market?

Development Approach:

The mobile app development process is widespread and all-encompassing. There are a variety of options to choose from. You have to go with the one that is best for your business. There are multiple platforms and frameworks available that you can use. Developers may get into the wrong choice sometimes, and it becomes difficult to choose the right option.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the team to choose the right option. So, being in a developers’ team, you need to be sure about your developmental approach right from the beginning. Moreover, you also need to set development timelines.

For the development approach, you have to consider the nature of your business and what plans you have. Based on that, decide whether to go for hybrid development, or native development, or Progressive web app development. With this, you need to streamline UI and UX requirements. Apart from these, several other aspects need to be taken care of, including device compatibility and screen size.

Device Compatibility and Screen Size:

Every business looks forward to delivering an impressive first impression to their users. Also, along with the features and functionalities, the first impression of the app holds a strong value for an app’s success. Your mobile app success largely depends on how much your end-users like it. Device compatibility is one of the most important factors for a mobile app. Make sure your app should provide flawless compatibility on multiple devices. Apple and Android ask for different development procedures, UI/UX elements, and frameworks to function, so a leader must perform thorough research about the nature of business and the target audience before taking a final decision. Moreover, you have to ensure your app works well on a smartphone, tablet, and other screens. You have to make sure that the app is compatible with different screen resolutions, sizes, and pixel densities.


Another important issue that comes along the way is money for investing in the mobile app. If the funding gets short during development, it may cause a lot of difficulties. Therefore, it is crucial to have a fair idea of the overall cost associated with mobile app development, launch, and market. Evaluate your cost in the beginning. Also, it is not an onetime investment that gets over with one payment; rather, your app might need more investment for any value addition in the future. Especially if you do not have an idea of the market and technical needs, you need to perform thorough market research before finalizing your app developer. Make sure you do not end up with just an ordinary mobile app that gets abandoned in the app store. You rather need a successful mobile app, and quality work should be your priority.

Test and Improve:

The testing phase can be another infuriating challenge for the development team and the app owner. Failing to perform apt testing would leave many glitches and errors in the app. you need to know exact issues that need to be eradicated from the app. To overcome, be vigilant of changes occurring in the platform associated with your application. It helps you guarantee that your application will stay relevant with the latest trends. Perform the right testing to the core of your app with beta testing and thorough research of the app with other fellow members and the team.

Final Words:

You may face several faces many obstructions in your mobile application development journey. The investment and money can be a cause of constant worry, and the stresses of glitches may remain there right before the successful launch application is the main target.

The app owner or the leader needs to put a keen focus on progress regardless of what obstacles come in their way. To develop a successful mobile app and make your business grow as a success, challenge your limitations and work according to the plan. If the hindrances that come along your way cannot get solved completely, it would influence the general mobile app reputation.

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