Importance of Typography in Logo Design

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December 16, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

Typography is an art that adds a life to a logo. It is a significant element which impacts the viewer’s perception of a brand. It is not just merely the combinations of colors and shape, but the correct use of a typeface that adds an important concept to your designs. Communication with the audience through designs is only effective when the text is understandable and delivers the desired message.

If you carefully observe logo designs, you will see how typography is playing an essential role in impacting customer’s perception about the brand in general. Efficient use of typography itself is followed by steps which are:

Use of correct Font

It is important to use the right font in your logo design to get the right type of people engagement as this tells more about the services and products. The visual engagement of audience is meant to be necessary for every design, and it also gives a feeling of trust and reliability with the brand.


The correct use of typography enhances the text readability and boosts up the purpose of typography in logo design. The right use of colors and graphics is equally important  in designing a logo to enrich the readability of text.

Logo Voice

Good typography adds an advantage to the logo design by providing a right direction and voice to the message of the logo. Typographical choices significantly influence the audience and may help to induce the right emotion from the readers and viewers.

It is important for a logo to deliver the right message to the public, and hence a typography font forms the foundation of a logo design to be able to depict the values of the company in a positive manner.


A nicely designed logo, followed with relevant typography helps to enhance the logo appeal. It can make a brand work and look more pleasing to the audience in contrast with those poorly designed logos. Let us consider few famous examples of the correct use of typography in logos.


The IBM logo is one of the most famous business logos. The typography in this logo gives a professional, firm and a well-balanced look that completely goes with the corporate image that they have maintained throughout these years in the industry.


The Coco-Cola has used “Spenserian Script” avoiding a multiple font. The basic purpose of using a cool typography is to deliver a playful and fun message to the audience. This matches with the personality of the brand which is associated with happiness, love, and sharing


In a Nutshell

Typography thus plays a vital role in a logo design. Therefore, renowned brands are investing their time and efforts on a typeface that positively reflects their business image and at the same time is versatile to adapt to the changing customer needs in the long run.

When creating a new logo or redesigning an old one  professional logo designer always think of the image and perception it gives to the audience. You ca go a long way if typography adheres with the brand type. As the world is full of beautiful fonts, choosing the right font in your logo design can either construct or destruct your brand.



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