How to Boost E Commerce Website’s Usability

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January 23, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

In the mass media clutter, the easiest way an e-commerce business can gain a competitive advantage is by improving the usability of their website. The usability of an e-commerce website is the quality and the experience a user gains while interacting with the online store.

Consumer’s experiences are increasing daily as the markets are becoming more mobile and social. It helps the customers to shop online and get their desired products easily. However, at the same time, the process is getting more complicated where the companies have to stay updated with the latest development and e-commerce trends as businesses grow and expand.

An e-commerce website has several different features that serve well if executed strategically right from the beginning. Let’s have a look at some important features that can significantly influence the website’s usability, in turn improving computer-user interaction.

Simplify Navigation

When it comes to boosting an e-commerce website, the first thing which a custom website designer does is simplify the navigation to make the website as simple as possible. This allows users to easily access the information necessary to stay engaged and active on the site.

Keep the words as simple as possible that is easily understood by a common user. The use of jargons or technical terms can confuse a user resulting in switching to the other site.

It is also essential that your users can use your site with ease with limited scrolling, panning or zooming for information. Eliminate unnecessary data filling or forms and most importantly, keep your website updated with new features or updates to elicit an element of excitement amongst users.

Improve Your Website Speed

Do you like kept waiting? I think nobody does; the same is applicable on every website especially if it’s an e-commerce website. The speed of a website, as for how long each page takes to load is a major factor that determines and effects the usability of a website

One of the easiest ways to lose a visitor is a slow page loading time. Research has shown that if a page takes more than 3-4 seconds to open, you are likely to lose a visitor. The trick is to keep your headers catchy yet light, select adequate images with right size and format that are not heavy in graphics and reduce the number of plugins used on the site. Try to keep advertisement pop-ups and videos away from your site as this can frustrate the user.

Prominent Call to Actions Buttons

Make your call to action buttons visible and visually appealing for the visitors. If you want to get an order button clicked, then you need to create an attractive and visible call to actions buttons that are designed well with good color selections and a readable font. Some websites make the mistake of creating a call to action buttons that are dull and unattractive with incorrect placement that misses a user’s attention. Website Usability can be increased by Bold, large and simple font buttons.

Tip:  CTA’s placed on headers, side panels, in an article, post or at the end of the page is likely to increase user’s visual focus.

Use a Responsive Design

The time has changed. Internet users are no longer restricted to the just desktop but have extended over to a mobile phone, tablets, and other smart devices. Hence, responsive design has become more of a necessity than an added advantage. An e-commerce website if not optimized with a portable design fails to approach to numerous users and potential clients.

The best option is to hire custom website design companies who are creating responsive designs for all kinds of websites that give users the same visual and textual experience regardless of the device size and type.


Improving website usability is the best move in enhancing your site’s user experience and bringing in more customers. It not only brings customers but also retains them.  It makes users more likely to engage in your brand and stays engaged on your site, and in return, you get higher conversation rates and revenues. Your website is the reflection of the overall brand, and if your brand does not give a pleasant user experience, then there is a chance that you’ll lose your users to your competitors.


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