Digital Branding and COVID-19: A Case Study in Market Trends

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September 2, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

Digital Branding and COVID-19 have a unique relationship this year! Brand building is the best thing you’ll do in times of crisis as it can be the difference between closing the shop and staying afloat. That is why in the time of ‘staying at home,’ it is best to come up with a way to promote yourself through social media platforms. Today we will discuss the ways you can use the power of digital media to save your brand identity.

Is COVID- 19 the worst thing that could happen to your business? Maybe, but only if you let it become the dark hole where entrepreneurial ventures die. You need to understand that the modern digital marketing strategy was built for long-distance outreach.

You have been using the digital marketing strategy as a filler. It would help if you had an online presence to keep up with the market. But today, we will show you the way COVID has impacted consumer interaction with digital marketing channels to show you that digital marketing is the answer to all of your prayers!


Nielsen conducted a survey regarding Media consumption during Covid-19. The discussion is three-dimensional as it will cover industry-based, medium-based, and e-commerce-based increases in consumption behavior.

1. Niche-Based Engagement in Advertising:

1. Niche-Based Engagement in Advertising

The data shared by Neilsen focuses on the first month of COVID lockdown in the US. The interesting comparison that the data provides will be an eye-opener for you. Finance remained the same. Restaurants increase market share by a margin of 15%. At the same time, the retail increased the advertising share by a significant 26%. Travel decreased by 59% mainly due to the endless quarantine restrictions.

All in all, the advertising share changed somewhat unpredictably across various industries but not in a perceptible manner—the change in the advertising share with around ten percent except for the retail sector. The retail sector shot to the sky, as you can see from the graph.

The reason was that spring season was upon us, and the Retail industry was focused on pushing the audience towards online shopping. Did they succeed? With so many individuals losing their jobs, perhaps it would not be too bad for America if they did!

2. Online Sales:

Online Sales

Speaking of the power of online shopping, the growth of ecommerce in the last six months has been an eye-opening phenomenon. According to Neilsen’s research, the graph shows an increase in online shopping across the four growing markets of France, Italy, Spain, and Australia. The lowest percentile of growth is 45% in Australia.

Even though the crisis massively hit Italy, it has the second-highest, 82% of growth in ecommerce.. France has the highest percentage of increase, but has the strongest and most sought after retail market in the world. With the kind of brand recognition that French products have, the shopping culture followed on foot seems to have shifted online.

3. Online Presence According to Country:

4. Industry Favorites for Brand Placement
The country-wise breakdown of consumers is significant because it allows you to understand the revenue you can expect from each market. The graph shown above has a detailed analysis of the mobile consumption for online browsing. The browsing increased by 215% in the US that was to be expected. It should be noted that these are the top four increases globally, and all other countries have only seen a rise in usage by around 50% or less in consumers.

4. Industry Favorites for Brand Placement:

3. Online Presence According to Country
Brand placement
 changes by the marketing industry are the best barometer for changes in consumer behavior. The consumers have shifted their interest to healthcare-related videos and content. So the brand placement of all the products has also developed a more health-aware message. But the other candidates have remained more or less the same as media and publishing have always been robust portals for brand placements closely followed by food and automotive.

One significant change to notice is the downtrodden journey of entertainment. Entertainment has always been the crown jewel of brand placement, but it is not receiving the proper brand attention at this time.

The reason is that most brands understood that messaging is significant at this time. If we are looking for a way to grow our brand, then the wrong placement can be hazardous. Just because people are watching Netflix, it does not mean that Netflix should be your first choice for online marketing!

These are a few significant changes in the trends followed by the industry that we have listed here. There are many more that you can check out on the website. The main focus of today’s discussion has to show that even though businesses were affected, the COVID crisis did little to curb the consumer’s appetite.

Most of the consumers moved to ecommerce and became focused on buying their favorite products online. But yes, those who were struggling with setting up an ecommerce setup did feel the effect of the need for an online business.

The COVID Wake Up Call!

The COVID wakeup call is our term for the conclusion. The COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all of our lives, but it has also taught a valuable lesson. We need to understand that digital marketing and its strategies are the future of branding. You cannot have an excellent digital marketing strategy without investing time and effort into developing a long and consistent digital presence.

Work on investing in the right digital marketing strategies when the business is booming, and all is well with the world. That will reap benefits for you when it all comes crashing down. Many restaurants all over the world had to close due to endless quarantine while other restaurants boomed.

What was the difference? The difference lies in the strategy. The restaurants that boomed their delivery and take out options sustained amicably and even thrived. The reason is that the successful restaurants presented themselves as food delivery option to consumers who were stuck at home and were bored. The restaurants that focused on ‘food as an experience’ in the time of a pandemic came crashing down. Change your perspective, change your life!


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