9 Custom Logo Design Tips to Uplift your Brand Image

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March 6, 2019 By Invictus Studio Editor

Custom logo design is like a badge that a company wears to make its identity known to the people. It’s an emblem that goes up on the storefront of a company, no matter digital or brick and mortar. Needless to say, your logo design is one of the most significant pieces of the overall branding that acts as a make or break factor of your brand image.

Your logo is your visual identifier that has the power to inspire your audience to take action. Thus, you don’t want to take any kind of risk while getting a logo done for your brand. Whether you are a well-established business or you are planning to build your startup, you should strive to create a unique yet striking custom logo design in either situation. Get yourself a logo created that has the capability to tell your brand story and has the power to trigger the audience’s emotion in an instance, this exactly is the core purpose of your company’s logo.

To fulfill the purpose of your logo, first, you need to know the fundamentals of design. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of creating a fantastic logo that will help you enhance your brand image.

First Thing First, Know Yourself

If you are all set to start off with your logo design process, hold it, take a pause and ask yourself a question- Do you know who you are as a brand? What are your values? Can you define your business goals? What advantage does your brand bring for the people? Once you get answers to all these questions, only then you can build a logo that reflects your brand’s core values to the audience. You should never ever rush to get started with a task as intricate as designing your visual identity. Take your time, do your research and create a logo that has the capability to win the heart of your target audience.

Make Your Logo Truly Yours

The most horrible mistake sin that startups commit nowadays is copying the famous brand’s logo so that they can trick their competitor’s audience and steal their share with the gimmick. Beware of this tactic, as it going to cause you nothing but great harm in the long run. The only thing that you should strive for is ‘Uniqueness’. Understand your brand’s mission and values first and then try to incorporate it in your logo. Remember, your fonts, your colors and your style, if merged harmonically together, can help you make a strong impression in the first glance.


Get a Professional On-Board

Enter the keyword ‘online logo generator’ on Google, and you will get hit by a pile of online tools and websites that offer this DIY logo service. However, if you want your logo to be exclusive and impressive, you should strictly steer clear of them. These are not it, you can also be lured by the temptation of hiring a cheap logo designer to get your logo done, but if you ask me, I will add these two options in the don’ts of logo designs. Your logo should be living breathing representation of your company’s image-  a crowdsourced or cheap logo can bring no good to your brand image. Hire a professional custom logo designer who has both; knowledge and hands-on experience of designing a well-balanced and industry relevant custom logo design.

Choose Color and Typeface Carefully

For a layman, red, blue, green all are just a few different colors, but for a design expert, every color has a story to tell, mainly when it is being used in a logo. Same goes with the font, only an expert knows which font should be used where and which font matches well with your brand’s tone. To keep your custom logo relevant to your industry and brand, you will need to conduct thorough competitor research. What colors are they using most, what font is highly preferred and a lot more. Once you have a clear picture of this in mind, go ahead, be creative with the fonts and color palettes and create a logo that has the power of grabbing eyeballs in the first glimpse.

Make the Name Known

From Nike to FedEx and Target, all the well-known brands kept their names in their logos at least for an extended period until they realized it is safe now to skip the name, as their brand had gained enough popularity to keep the logo without the brand name. Similar to that, if you have a generic name, it is recommended for you to keep the name in your custom logo design. It is the best way to pierce the brand identity in people’s subconscious. Again we emphasize to not to use gimmicky fonts; otherwise, your name will not be understood in the first sight. If you can use a custom font for your brand, like Disney and CocaCola, it would be great to make your name recognizable with all its exclusivity.


Simple is the New Stylish

If you often feel the temptation of adding a few intricate details in the logo design, let us make it very clear that it is not going to help you uplift your brand image in any manner. On the contrary, it can make the task even more difficult as an intricate logo is again not easily conceivable by the audience. Being a designer, the details that seem straightforward to you, may not be actually ringing the bell for your audience. The best practice is to follow the KISS or ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ principle before you set off your custom logo design process. Remember, more minimal and simple it is, more conceivable and impactful it would be.

Don’t Go After the Fads

Design trends are cool; indeed, every designer must know about the existing design trends to upgrade their knowledge. However, one thing they should avoid is to follow each and every trend blindly without going into the details of it.  When you are designing marketing collateral or any other piece of branding, it’s totally fine for you to jump on to a few bandwagons. However,  custom logo design is not something you can act like a mad genius scientist with. Here you need to be very critical while choosing the type, style, fonts, colors and every other detail that goes in it. After all, it’s going to be the first impression of your brand, and the first impression should be nothing but captivating.

Don’t Confuse Your Audience

All the elements of your logo design should be interweaved to complement each other. You can not mix the font of a different mood with a total mismatch color and call it a day. There is an entirely different science behind it that only a designer understand. Be very careful about the mood of your logo, make sure each and every element of your design is conveying the exact feel that you want to deliver. Otherwise, your audience will be perplexed, and they will get a wrong message about your brand, and trust me it’s really hard to change a negative or misapprehended first impression.

Make Your Custom Logo Design Flexible

Logos today are not meant to be only on the storefront or on the branding collateral material. Other than that, they should be designed by keeping social media and other platforms in mind. If you really want to enhance your brand image, your custom logo design should be adjustable enough to be used for various creative social media campaigns. Not only this, but you should also make a responsive version of your logo that you can use on social media for your profile picture and various other purposes. If you think that your logo is filled with excessive details, it will be a wise decision for you to refine your logo as early as possible. This way you can extract the distinctive features out of your custom logo design, and it will be much more suitable for social media as well.



To put it in a nutshell, every inch of your custom logo design speaks of your brand vision. It may seem like a small symbol, but in reality, it’s the face of your brand. It conveys everything about your brand through the colors, fonts, style and even with the blank space. So be mindful of all the tips that are mentioned in the articles before you embark on your logo design journey. Strive to create a logo that is multitalented and can go places at the same time it should be self-explanatory and should not require the explanation to tell what it wants to convey. To be honest, designing such a logo is not an overnight task, so take your time and create a logo based on these legit guidelines and trust us, your hard work will definitely pay off.