Common Myths about Logo Designs

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December 1, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

The logo is a visual representation of your brand and an important aspect of branding. We have already discussed logo design process and different trends of logo design in our previous blogs. Today, we are going to discuss the top logo myths. A logo is an iconic visual representation of a company which intends to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the people. Logo design is a fundamental step of branding that should be planned carefully before proceeding any further in the design process.

A professional logo designer knows the art of logo designing that comprises of all the  elements necessary for a good brand recognition. Even though designing a logo is not a complicated process, some myths have created misconceptions that misguide the marketers.

Symbols make a logo distinctive

Logo design must have an attention grabbing symbol. However, nowadays people have misunderstood it and think that it is necessary to have a symbol in a logo to make it attractive. A simple logo or a typographic logo with a simple image can also add fame to your brand. Let’s consider the example of Coca-Cola, a typographic logo without a symbol yet a leading logo design.

Logo is the least important element of branding

It is a common myth that logo has nothing to do with the branding as it is just a simple designed image. This is completely false and deceiving to believe in. A logo is the fundamental step of branding and must be designed by professional logo design companies. We need to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in the logo design process that has a lasting recognition from the audience. This may not necessarily bring additional sale for the brand but adds business value and credibility.

Logo is the ladder to reach success

Logo design is a crucial element of branding and requires efforts of a professional logo design service to create a unique logo which creates a brand identification. However, it is a misconception of certain people that an expensive and distinctive logo assures success whereas it only confirms recognition but does not guarantee long-term success because people usually go for an experience than a product.

 Modish Logo designs accelerate business growth

It is incorrect to assume that only stylish logo designs accelerate business growth. Let us consider the example of few simple logos such as Nike, FedEx or WWF. They have simple logos and yet are popular amongst users because of their simplicity and uncomplicated layout.It is not necessary for a logo to be stylish to make more revenues. A simple logo can do much more than a complex logo design. Sometimes less is more.

In a nutshell

We cannot set specific standards for a logo design to work successfully. Every company is different and offers a diverse range of products, therefore; we cannot say a logo design must be same for all organizations. A professional logo design company must evaluate the client’s product offerings and the target audience to create a logo.

A simple and an attractive logo plays well in the branding. The myths discussed above are commonly accepted by most of the people who lack the experience  in designing an efficient logo design. You just need to understand your product and your audience and deliver what best suits their needs.




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