Common Mistakes in Web Designing

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September 20, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

Web designing is a daunting task that can even make some great professionals commit lethal mistakes. In this blog, we would like to highlight some blunders that are most commonly ignored by web designers while developing a website.

Confusing Navigation

If you wish to annoy your users, there is no better way of doing that than making the navigation difficult. The lack of a web hierarchy can frustrate a web user so much that they may never return to your site.

Tip: Always include a sitemap. It not only makes navigation easier and sorted but also helps in SEO.

No link to Social Platforms

Failing to connect a website with social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. will make you miss out opportunities to reach out to a wider audience and hence increase reach and traffic to your website.

Tip: Most CMS websites come with plugins for different social media sites. By embedding it into your web pages, your content can be shared across different sites and can become the talk of the town. Don’t let such chances to slip by.

Too many keywords

It is true that using keywords in the right density can improve your SEO rankings. However, stuffing words unnecessarily can neither help you achieve your desired target nor make the customer engaged with your content.

Tip: The optimal keyword density should be in accordance with the overall length of your text and the repetition of words should be in relevance to the context. Don’t go repeating the same words after every few sentences just because it will optimize your search engine rankings. Relax and revise your content over and over till it completely satisfies the Google requirements.

Not Responsive

A website working on a laptop is perfect but if you find your users adjusting the screen size while operating the site on handheld devices, we have a problem. It is important that your web design is developed in a manner that it automatically adjusts to suit the user interface needs.

Tip: Websites are becoming responsive in nature. There is no need to separately develop web pages according to every device screen requirements. Selecting a theme that will work perfectly well on a laptop/PC as well as on smart handheld machines can make your life much easier and flexible.

Web designing is not as easy as it may seem. Sure, anyone can make a WordPress site and operate it for business/personal purposes, but not every website has the aesthetics and structure to create a pleasant feeling. Invictus Studio offers custom web design services that range from delivering a professional business website to a funky and trendy custom site. It all depends on our customers need, and we here are rightly and dutifully at their disposal.


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