What Can a Professional Web Designer offer that I Cannot?

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August 4, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

More than often amateurs and young website designers have asked themselves this question. As a novice, learning new skills and techniques, your scope may only be restricted towards system technicalities. However, professional web designing goes beyond the functioning of the back end system. It is the combined effort that a web developer and UI/UX engineer make to build a website ensuring that it perfectly aligns with the business idea and at the same time fulfills all the requirements of web building.


The most important thing that a professional web designer can offer is ‘experience.’ No matter how much skills and qualification you have, you can never provide the guarantee of your work unless you have tested the waters. With work comes practice and from practice comes experience. From trouble shooting of problems to making design fixes, a web designer is adept at handling a variety of issues.

Attention to Details


The greatest way to distinguish between a professional web designer and an amateur is the way they keep their website organized. The content, design alignments, images and illustrations placement, all are pulled together systematically with attention to every detail.

Most importantly an expert website developer maintains consistency across all elements in a site. Logos, headers, color contrast, and banners should not have any dramatic changes from page to page. An expert web designer understands the importance and cost of every detail and hence works diligently to get things right.

Industry Knowledge

Working for different companies and organizations, an experienced web designer has a comprehensive understanding of various industries. They know the methods of managing client and any crisis that may occur, in-depth insights of each industry requirements and the craftsmanship to appropriately cater according to their needs.

SEO Skills

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A web design without SEO consideration can prove to be costly especially if you are designing a website for business purpose. For a layperson, the connection between a website design and SEO may not make sense, but for a skilled web designer, the two are strongly interrelated.

Only a professional web developer understands the planning and strategics that goes behind building an SEO-friendly site. For a website to organically attract traffic and gain customers, an SEO web design that uses the correct placement of keywords at the right places can immensely help businesses to generate profitable leads.


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Website designers with a prior professional experience and exposure work by the book of the rule. They first understand the project scope and acquire client’s requirements before planning out a sitemap. Even though numerous freelance designers around the corner offer to do the same job in a relatively lesser amount, but the quality and neatness a professional web designer provides are second to none.

They strictly adhere to their deadlines, keep their customers in the loop throughout the project asking for feedbacks along the project and will offer a refund in case of a client dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, in the end, you will get a website designed regardless of the kind of designer you choose to go with, but it is the kind of attitude and behavior you will experience during the designing process. If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur.





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