The Best Small Business Loans to Help Your Business Thrive

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November 26, 2019 By Invictus Studio Editor

Is it feasible to disregard digital marketing? Kevin Bornemann, CEO of KP Marketing Agency, doesn’t think so. “Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone.

Nevertheless, it’s tempting to put off marketing your business because you don’t have the money to implement a creative marketing strategy. But money doesn’t have to be a problem.

Did you know that finding the best small business loans, like the ones offered by Camino Financial, are a viable solution to keep your business from stagnating so it grows successfully?

How to Find the Best Small Business Loans

Now that you’re beginning to see the importance of getting a small business loan, how do you find the best one for your business?

Hold Out for The Best Terms

To find the perfect loan, it needs to match your budget. Normally, a short-term loan for 24 months means the monthly payment is higher but you pay less interest. On the other hand, you may not mind paying more interest over a period of 60 months to keep the monthly payment manageable.

Don’t forget to factor in the annual percentage rate when deciding on which loan to get. You can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars when finding a competitive APR.

Then too, watch out for loans with balloon payments. These types of loans have shorter terms but you’ll need to have money on hand to pay the balloon payment when the loan term ends.

Know Which Loan Is Better

Do you know your business and personal credit scores? Are you prepared to offer collateral to secure a loan? Is the lender flexible about how your business can use the funds?

Some lenders don’t require credit history and collateral to secure the loan and have limited restrictions on fund usage. It’s important to find a comfortable loan arrangement that presents the least risk for your business.

Stay Away from Expensive Loans

As an example, payday loans are tempting because it’s easy to gain access to small amounts of money. Provide an ID, sign a personal check as a deposit or give the lender electronic access to your checking account, and get $100 to $1,000 in cash.

By the next payday, borrowers must repay the loan with interest or ask for an extension when they can’t repay. Then, the lender charges more interest and other fees.

In the long run, the APR for a payday loan is about 400% and one in five borrowers default on payments.

Pick A Loan That Fits Your Business

Some business owners choose an online lender because traditional banks turn down their loan applications. They prefer selecting funding options from the convenience of their homes or workplaces. Instead of waiting for weeks to gain access to funds, they can acquire funding in 3-10 days.

Furthermore, business owners can submit the application and required documents safely and electronically so lenders can review banking statements, tax returns, and other financial data.

The right lender will match a loan with your business needs.

How to Use a Small Business Loan to Grow Your Business

Once you receive funding, it’s important to use the money wisely to promote business growth. Here are some ways to do that.

Invest in Digital Marketing

Rather than spending money to create pamphlets, flyers, and other advertisements, nowadays business owners turn to social media marketing. They hire a marketing agency or private consultant and purchase digital software to create marketing campaigns.

Businesses reach customers through mobile apps, content and email marketing, and optimize SEO to rank higher in search engines. Many software development companies use marketing software to analyze the impact of current marketing strategies and make adjustments after reviewing data.

Develop Your Website

Having an online presence means your business is exposed to a pool of potential customers to market your products and services.

Consider hiring a developer or purchase web development software. You can add a blog, set up a customer chat feature or configure your server to optimize traffic.

Your goal is to make your website look professional and polished so people keep clicking to review your information and become lifetime customers.

Create Videos

When visitors reach your website, they tend to navigate toward visual images.

Visual marketing helps you present information about your business so customers can make a decision on the spot, whether to make a purchase. Create video testimonials of satisfied customers and product demos to showcase your brand and motivate visitors to interact and take action.

Moreover, videos will help your website rank better when you have quality content that’s engaging.

Focus On Brand Awareness


Unless your product or service is distinctive, your brand will blend in with the competition instead of standing out. By focusing on content marketing, you create a brand image in the minds of potential customers.

When you convince customers that your product or service will fulfill a need or solve a problem, you build trust which can result in sales.

Results indicated in a 2010 study, published in the International Journal of Research Marketing, that brand awareness drives market performance as long as product and service quality is maintained.

Hire a Professional Copywriter

Words can trigger emotions and pique a customer’s interest in your business and what you offer. If writing content isn’t your thing, then make sure you get the right person to reach your audience.

When content is engaging, it tells a story and provides specific customer call-to-actions, you can drive sales and establish your business in your industry. Unless your content is top-notch, your digital marketing efforts to develop your website, create videos and build brand awareness will fall flat.

Ramp Up Your Business

An entrepreneur dreams that their business will thrive and, therefore, succeed. Digital marketing is an important component of your business plan to make that happen.

It’s understandable that you may be apprehensive about how to grow your business exponentially. That’s why acquiring financing could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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