The Best Apps  To Sell Stuff: Everything You Should Know!

E Commerce
July 27, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

Ecommerce is here to stay. We are all here to sell our products online and gain an international clientele for our brands. Today we are focusing on the ecommerce portals that are commonly used across the globe with a focus on explaining their true potential.

You will understand how each portal is different from the other portal and how to use the right  one to gain the best audience for your products. Check out our list to understand the best apps to sell stuff.

Quick Sales Portal: Letgo

Letgo is a simple mobile selling app that advertises its simplicity and quick turnaround. You will take a picture of your product that you intend to sell, and you will be able to reach out to potential customers who are on the outlook for similar items.

The portal will automatically categorize and place your product in the right section. You can also develop an automated response that will allow the app to reach out to potential customers on your behalf. Once you start getting interested, you can begin negotiating with your prospective audience.

Positive aspects are very easy and offer a quick turnaround. You can sell the product in a one-day time frame. The negative point is that you cannot put a high price because there is no verification process. A lot of buyers come here with an expectation of the lowest price possible.

For Verified Payments- eBay:

One of the first selling portals on the internet, eBay focuses on extensive verification of the product and the buyer. Selling a product here will take a month easily, and you can put market competitive prices for your product.

The clients here are trustworthy and verified, so you can quickly develop a small brand identity. eBay is an excellent way to develop a good client list for your products and get a verified brand identity. You can easily direct your clients from your Facebook page to your eBay page and vice versa, as it is truly one of the best apps to sell stuff.

A Wider Audience- Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook is where everybody signs up, one-fourth of the world’s population is signed up on Facebook. If you want your product range to reach out to as many people as possible, then you should sign up for Facebook Marketplace, which is listed as one of the prominent apps to sell stuff online.

The local merchants who want to expose their products to the maximum possible highly benefit from the Facebook Marketplace. You have every person living in a particular vicinity, and they can be broken down according to demographic preferences to hone your audience.

Local Sales Portal- Nextdoor:

Even though Facebook Marketplace is suitable for selling items locally, Nextdoor specializes in this particular area. You can put in your region, and your item will display to the users from the neighboring city. Nextdoor is ideal if you are selling in the Western world.

However, it isn’t listed in well-known apps to sell stuff in the Asian hemisphere, and your products will not be picked up in Asia. But you can always put your advertisement here and direct your audience from other social media channels to your product display on Nextdoor.

Bidding Place- OfferUp:

If you wish to go into a silent bidding war for your product, then OfferUp is the best way to get the right clientele. You will be able to vet your buyer because buyers get ratings on the website. So you will know whether it is a good idea to trust a buyer or not.

.The truth is, OfferUp is a standard portal that is unique in this one aspect. But if it is a significant aspect for you, then you should consider an alternative.

A Wider Audience Portal- CPlus For Craigslist:

If you are focused on the North American audience, then CPlus is one of the perfect apps to sell stuff. You will see that CPlus will have the same impact on your campaign as the standard Craigslist. The usual advertising channel is not designed for sellers, but the CPlus list is intended for sellers.

Here, you will get proper access to many individuals in your surrounding area who are interested in buying your product. We understand that it is the third locality-based ecommerce portal on our list. But international selling is not as usual as local selling, and we wanted you to have a nice list of options in portals!

Designer Items Ecommerce- Poshmark:

Do you have a clutter of branded items that you want to sell? Poshmark is where you sell your branded items and get great deals. The ecommerce portal excels at allowing the users to explain the brand and make sure that sellers are putting up an authentic branded product.

You will also find the best-branded vintage items here if you are a buyer. So if you are looking for a few branded things to collect, then this one should top your list of perfect apps to sell stuff!

Another Designer Label Ecommerce Portal-Tradesy:

Now, we know that only one portal for designer ecommerce is not enough; you should also check out Tradsey. It is much more official and is mainly available for merchants of branded items. If you have a used item you want to put on sale, then you can surely do so.

It mainly focuses on allowing merchants to present their brand collection to a much wider audience, which makes it one of the great apps to sell stuff online.

Ecommerce is the future of modern marketing, and understanding ecommerce portals is crucial to modern trade. When you place your products on the wrong entrance, you rid yourself of the opportunity to gain a considerable audience. That is why you should make sure that your products are displayed at the right ecommerce venue.

Share your favorite ecommerce venue with us, and we will get back to you with our thoughts!