8 Ways to Use Social Media Quotes for an Awesome Campaign!

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September 29, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

Quotes can be great content that you can share with your audience, and they never go out of style. Social media quotes culture is only growing with passing time. From Donald Trump to Mark Zuckerberg, everyone is ‘eating their quotes’ on Twitter!

That is why, today, we will discuss the process of developing quotes for social media channels. So let’s check out the many ways that you can use the quotes for your benefit!

1. Verify Your Sources:

The worst thing that can happen to a funny social media quote is when it gets refuted in the first comment. There are real-life instances where people shared fake quotes as a joke, and they spread like wildfire. A famous example is where Einstien Jokingly said that the human brain is only used up to 10% of its capacity, it became a verified truth. It is not true. Make sure that the quote you are sharing is well corroborated.

If ten people end up sharing ‘the refute’ link in the comments section, then your brand’s credibility will be seriously compromised. Also, avoid sharing controversial quotes. The best example is Donald Trump and his endless Twitteratti. Skip the controversial content as they only bring the war to your social media page. That will not be helpful at all.

2. Cynical Social Media Quotes Are Great!

Do you know ‘the Onion’?! Every quote that they have ever shared is a fake mockery. If done right, a good ‘fake’ quote is the best discussion starter. Let us give you an example; Donal Trump said: “Jews are good people, I love Jews in their little hats.” Guess if it is a real quote or a fake one?!

It’s a real quote that he gave right before the 201 elections. There are many other instances where you can caption a fake quote with ‘guess if it’s real’ and start a light-hearted discussion on the quote’s subject.

3. Good Resources:

If your social media calendar is dependent on a good quotes-based theme every few days, you need many quotes. We once saw a client who only had quotations as their entire calendar for the month!

It would help if you had a trustable resource to gain the quotes, ‘Qoutery’ can help you achieve the right style of excerpts from the list. The sections are authentic and high quality.

4. Hashtags:

Hashtags are a good idea if you are looking for an excellent system to link your quote with the right trends. Whenever a person puts a keyword in the search box of any social media, the content with a hashtag of that keyword is also listed.

That is the main reason most of the commercialized social media posts have 10-11 hashtags in one post. The hashtags are there to keep the quote in the right search bar. Your Google searches will increase by a massive mark up if you put your hashtags in the right place.

You need to divide your hashtags into two groups. One is the group of hashtags that are permanent and will be consistent. The other is the group that will change from post to post. Have four hashtags, your brand name, one about your tagline, one on your niche, and choose one as you like; in the permanent hashtags column.

The other hashtags will be the one where the author of the quote and other relevant hashtags will be added. Quote of the day is a redundant hashtag as you are probably not putting an excerpt every day. There is a way to use the hashtags to increase the content’s visibility many folds and make it come up more often in search bars.

5. Visual Quotes:

Visual quotes are a great way to create an attractive audience retained social media page. The old school idea is; take a section and put it beside the picture is excellent, but you can also make a quote into a gif. Gifs are a perfect way to get the selection noticed by your visitors.

Canva is an excellent place to create quotes. It has a massive, automated banner system that can work for a wide variety of situations. You can replace small custom objects to generate a realistic and more exciting outlook.

Visual quotes are a good idea because they are picked up on Pinterest. The platform is the hub of sections, and you will get a lot of recognition for your brand if you can establish yourself on Pinterest as a quote maker.

i. Flickr:

Flickr is not somewhere you would think of uploading your content. But the fact is that brand development through content will grow many folds if you focus on social media channels that propagate content.

The quotes you are creating will be missed on Facebook. Facebook is exceptionally focused on memes in the present time. But it will work well on content-based options. Tumblr is another excellent option that a person can use.

Tumblr focuses on content-based posts, and your wordy designs will gain much popularity there. It is an excellent way to make sure that your content is getting the right kind of traction.

ii. Slideshare Content:

It is hard to develop a strategy as a brand for SlideShare. What are you going to put in ten slides? You can create a collage of quotes and use them on Slideshare. That will help you create a good content stream on a portal that is extensively in use of entrepreneurs.

One other way to work on Slideshare is by developing slides that discuss your case study and explain your business model. If your marketing department makes a brand-theme in presentation that is not confidential, ask them to always forward you a copy. A Slideshare listing is a great way to gain visibility.

6. Consistency:

An excellent way to develop a theme out of the quotes is by creating quotes-based content on a fixed day of the week. It will make you look consistent, and it shows a lot of well-planned branding when a new visitor is scrolling through your website.

These kinds of small things tend to allow the user to see a pattern in the page’s overall planning and make you look professional. Use the same hashtags to see a massive list of your content in the search result list when the hashtags are effective.

7. Video Creation:

The video-based narration of a quote is exceptionally common these days. You can use Animoto to develop these videos. Write a good narration around the selections you already have a create compelling content.

You would think that it is not very high-quality content creation, but have you noticed that Thrive Global is consistently developing videos created on Animoto?! If Arianna Huffington can do it, then so can you!

8. Meme it Up!

Facebook is the home of Memes. No one can get any traction on Facebook without creating a good meme. Here is the basic rule; you cannot go and find good memes to share. Brands need to have their memes that follow corporate guidelines.

Always look for a good meme that you can copy in a classy fashion and make sure that your meme is ethically, socially, culturally, and politically appropriate. Your meme will now be vanilla, but that is how it should be. If it is not funny, it’s ok, post it.


Why did we make a blog post about the importance of social media quotes from experts? Because brands have to develop social media pages, but they cannot say or feel anything inappropriate. They have only to say things that are easy to understand, classy, and in the brand voice.

Never go for controversial or challenging content for your brand. It’s ok to be a vocal advocate but step back from intense engagement. The idea that strong attention will give you strong ROI is a complete pipe dream.

It has never been proven to be correct, but it has been proven to be a disaster. You post one thought that is out of line, and your brand is in serious trouble. Remember to put the company logo on the content you develop to be there when shared.


Quotes will save you from the need to answer for your content. A good selection is classy. It was not written by you but will strengthen your thought and your point. It will also be easy to share because many people like sharing quotes and again using them as cover photos.