8 Steps to Designing an Incredible Logo

Design & Development
November 8, 2016 By Invictus Studio Editor

A logo is a designed image that symbolizes and builds an identity for the organization. A simple picture that delivers the concept of the company’s products and services; certainly, one of the beginning and the most challenging area of marketing/ branding which lasts forever.

Most of the time people are more attracted towards a visual appeal than to a read. It is quite easier to remember an image for long time over the words. Therefore, a well-designed logo attracts a long-term engagement of the stakeholders.

Logo, if designed efficiently retains the users, but down the line, it is the most crucial element of branding. Following are the steps which help to create an effective logo.


A logo has to be straightforward and easy to remember. The task of the logo is to communicate about your business in an instant. However, if it says too much in an instant message, then it is likely that your prospects will either interpret the idea incorrectly or end up pulling irrelevant information from a complicated image. Thus, it needs to be a simple story telling icon.


A simple logo leads to a memorable experience. The size and graphic have to be kept simple along with a mesmerizing effect, as a picture can say a thousand of words. A catchy logo is easily memorable and clearly communicates the company’s persona and has enduring value.


Color creates a subliminal effect and people respond to colors in a different way. A logo usually has a black or white background. Always be sure in selecting the color tone of the logo keeping in mind the best match for a light or a dark background.


The font choice also says a lot about your business. The font selection tells the viewers about the persona you are carrying. A modern or a classic font reveals more about the product category. Staying away from the generic font such as Lucida Handwriting, Times New Roman and Arial adds on an advantage to your work by differentiating the font of the logo from the others and make your work more memorable than the others.


An effective logo must have a tendency to work for a variety of mediums and applications and not be limited to one extent.

Future proof

The life of a logo has to last for years. A future proof logo is appropriate and creates stability.

Developing a Tag Line

In addition to a simple logo, a short tagline that sums up our business gives a long-lasting exposure to your brand. It is not necessarily important to add a tagline, but if added; provides a clear image of the offerings.


Before implementing the design, make sure to get feedback from the clients to ensure a smooth startup and avoid future hurdles.

The Bottom Line

Logo design process involves challenge of taking an idea and compressing it down to a pictograph. It is significant to consider all the elements of logo design before creating it. Though it is the most initial step of branding, endures endlessly. – “A picture; persists till the last.”



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