6 Ways to Please Your Customer beyond Expectations

Marketing & Branding
September 19, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

There is only one boss: The customer. They have the power to alter your business decisions and mold them according to their likes and interests. A company that knows how to deliver to their customers with the right approach and attitude are the ones that automatically gain their consumer’s trust and loyalty.

Satisfying the customer is like setting yourself for mediocrity. A satisfactory performance shows that you were able to deliver the expected which is neither disappointing nor elating. It is somewhere in between. Such a lukewarm reaction from the customer cannot guarantee to take your business towards your desired goals.

You are just merely moving with steady slow steps. Aiming for that big jump, you must realize that your customer needs to be more than satisfied with your performance. They should be excited, curious and amazed at your end-results. In short, give them more than the expected.

1. Opinion Matters

When your customer communicates with you, it creates a two-way connection. It goes on to show that by asking for their feedback, their opinions are being valued. The customer feels important and gets the sense of being involved in a bigger picture of the company. Even a small gesture indicating that a customer opinion was heard if not implemented can go on to show the worth of a customer in the eyes of that company.

By being open to suggestions, you get the insights of your customer needs and interests that help in designing new products for your business. Knowing your customer and understanding them to the point that your brand becomes a reflection of their likes and interests gives you the competitive edge to stand out.

2. Personalization

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Creating a personalized experience by delivering a product/service based on an individual user’s preferences or characteristics can add great value to a customer relationship with the respective company. This technique of personalization reaches a whole new level when combined with technology.

Many e-commerce website design like Amazon and eBay uses a recommendation system that will suggest its users products according to their shopping/search history on the site. Imagine going onto a site to purchase something only to find it on your homepage as a recommended suggestion. It is an overwhelmed feeling that only leaves your head nodding in amazement; exactly the kind of reaction a company should aim at.

3. Connect on a Personal Level

Make your customers feel special. When they choose you for a service despite various other options, they should be treated in a way that they do not regret their choice. It can be through customized emails that inform them of an upcoming sale or discount offer to be availed exclusively by loyal customers. Small gestures like wishing them on their birthdays or anniversaries are the ones that count the most in adding value to your customer service.

 Imagine going onto a site to purchase something only to find it on your homepage as a recommended suggestion.

4. Prompt Response


When you are operating a business, it is likely that you will receive complaints and queries regarding your service. Customers are impatient and hence require quick answers to their problems. Whether your business has an online presence on social media or a dedicated email and landline service for communication, each channel needs to be vigilantly monitored and managed.

Listen to their problems and give them the satisfaction that they are being heard. The trick to good customer service depends mostly on a good communication service. A customer expects customer service not only to be accurate and supportive but also wants it to be exceptionally fast.

5. Consistency

“Consistency does not mean you never have a problem. It means your customer can count on you if there ever is a problem”.

Attracting customer is one thing and retaining them is another. In fact, for accelerating profitable growth, retaining an old customer is more important than acquiring new ones. Customer retention is only possible when you consistently deliver quality service. Most repeated purchases are based on experiences that a customer has had with a product in the past. Since customer base their expectations on previous positive experiences, it is the company’s responsibility to deliver the same level of quality or even more to ensure customer satisfaction beyond their expectations.

6. Deliver what Promised

Once you commit to your customer, you gain their trust for accomplishing something. While selling, it is easy to lie and looks like the most convenient option but in reality, deceiving others is demeaning. Don’t promise what you cannot deliver. It is better to lower their expectations than raising it only to fool them later. If you have promised the moon, deliver it along with a handful of stars. Shine in your customer’s eyes instead of tarnishing it to doom.