6 Essential Tips to Get Your Content Noticed

Marketing & Branding
January 26, 2018 By Invictus Studio Editor

Start-off the process by having a good responsive website design that is easy to navigate and contain a unique yet explicable content. But that’s not all, to make your website noticeable, you will have to formulate a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, which will help to keep your website alive and visible.

Keywords research:


To improve your website ranking the first step you need to take is keyword research. Think about your website and what keywords people might search in the search bar related to your products/services? In order to figure this out, you may take help from keywords tools available online, once you have acquired all those keywords go ahead with keyword insertion. Embedding relevant keywords to your web content will make your website visible to the search engines. Having said that, be very cautious about the number of keywords you have inserted. Avoid keyword stuffing, otherwise, your website might get penalized by the search engines.

Frequent Blogging:

Search engines just do not like the stale content. If you want search engine spiders to visit your site often you must keep your website updated with fresh content. Set down your content strategy in a way that people find it relatable to them. Instead of writing on complex topics, choose more trending yet significant subjects and use your blog to interact with your prospects.

Be Original:

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It is the common practice of many sites across the web that rather than being original they quote, spin, rewrite and link to other’s content. However, they should go a few miles ahead and leave no stone unturned in order to create a content that is not only original but informative, educative and beneficial at the same time. The content must have the quality to hook the audience. Moreover, the link to your website on other high traffic websites will help you get handsome amount of traffic.

Social Media Presence:


In today’s world, the importance of social media presence cannot be denied by any brand/business. Social media platforms are the spots where you can market your content with a lighter approach. Here you can catch-up with the recently emerged social media trends and by engaging the people in those fads, you can drive them towards your website in a subtle way.


Yes, you read it right, linkbaiting has become one of most useful tactics to drive the traffic to your websites. It has become a trait of the online audience that they get attracted by the titles and images that lure them to know something that is still unknown to them and it must be known to them by now. So need is here to play with people’s mind and appeal them with the alluring titles.

Link Building:


Other than your on-page optimization, which is done with the keywords research and insertion, your off page optimization should be done frequently to get your website acknowledged by the search engine. Consider writing guest blogs; it is an effective way for your website’s link building. Other than that, make every effort to get the links from other renowned and well-established websites. Search engines are more likely to acknowledge the websites who have done their link building efficiently.







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