5 Most Successful Logo Redesign Wins

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August 30, 2018 By Invictus Studio Editor

In the world of design and business, it’s all about creating that oomph factor that can grab millions of audience towards the brand, this is what all companies strive for. Making a mark with their professional logo design is what all the business owners wish for. They want their business identity as unique as the one, and only, that could stand out in the sea of the same and is more likely to stick to the mind of the audience for an eternity.

So the question arises: If it takes this much blood, sweat and tears in creating a recognizable logo so why do big brands opt for the redesign in the first place. The answer is pretty simple and straight. Tastes keep changing with the passage of time, even the designs no matter how brilliant they have been, need to be retouched just so they don’t get worn out and outdated as time passes.

Let’s have a look at the most iconic logo redesigns that renowned brands have gone through over the past few years.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut-logo-redesign

For its logo redesign, Pizza Hut decided to incorporate modern elements into the logo while keeping the iconic slanted roof intact. It was a smart idea to eliminate multiple colors from the logo and emphasize only on the red to mark the color as the primary identity of the brand. This mix and match of old and new turned out to be a huge success and brought the brand the results which they desired from this logo redesign.

Mail Chimp


You might actually be thinking how come this be a redesign? It looks almost the same, it seems the designer has made a few tweaks here and there, not much has been done. But on closer examination, you will be able to observe the improvements the logo has undergone. The new version is way lighter yet comprehensible than the old one. On the other hand, it has set an example of how redesigning can be done subtly without distorting the brand identity.



For its logo redesign, eBay mainly considered a rearrangement of the disordered alphabets as the main feature of the design. At the same time, they toned down the color brightness to make it look less frivolous and trustworthy brand. They considered a flat design for the new logo which gives a modern yet recognizable feel to the altered version. The new logo came out as a clear, simple yet classy design, which allowed the brand to leave an impression of authenticity and reliability on the target audience; this is what the brand exactly wished from the redesign.

Marriott Hotels


It was a smart move by Marriott hotels that they decided to go through a redesign. Since the older version was full of details, it was much needed to tone down the logo to make it noticeable and straightforward. The designer here extracted the most distinctive feature out of the logo and leave it isolated to make it stand out free from all the complicated details.



Since Facebook is a leading social media platform, it is quite obligated for the brand that it must keep up with its users. Facebook keeps upgrading its logo from time to time so that the logo doesn’t look old-fashioned and out of trend. At the same time, they keep the essence of the logo intact, so it doesn’t seem a whole new logo to those who use the platform on a daily basis. In the latest version, they have removed the bottom line, and the “f” has been extended all the way to the edge, however, the rounded square icon is still the same.


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