5 Social Media Trends that Are Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

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April 3, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

Social media trends are constantly changing. They come like wildfire, completely changing the current market scenario and forcing companies to revise their strategies according to them. Social media planning carried out in advance is risky and not an advisable approach to follow. Several trends have made their way to social media marketing with different spans of domination. Some ideas died within months while some still managed to maintain their relevancy through the years. A digital marketer should be attentive towards the changing market landscape, here are some of the social media trends that are a must follow this year.

1. Live Video

The trend started with Twitter Periscope and Facebook, Instagram followed suit. Live interaction with followers, guests, and customers creates more opportunities for businesses to hear and listen to their audience. The feature has been popularly used for live coverage of events, giving a virtual tour of your work space or even a live Q&A session, attracting millions to view your coverage without any limitations.


The idea of giving your spectators an unfiltered and uncensored image is appealing that arouses interest as well as a curiosity at the same time. The phrase “living in the moment” gets a new definition; the old saying of “whatever happens in Vegas stays on YouTube” has changed to “whatever happens in Vegas goes Live.”

2. The Art of “Snapping”

Snapchat has taken social media by storm. The idea that looked absurd and only fit for teenagers to follow is now forcing marketers and entrepreneurs to take notice. The application receives a daily traffic from 150 million users around the world and is popular for its unique and astonishing concepts.snapchat-9-32-featured-image

The popularity of Snapchat can be measured from the fact that companies like Facebook and WhatsApp copied its ideas to gain a similar following for their application. Applying filters and posting daily live updates on your Story is a trend that is rapidly influencing bloggers and businesses to stay connected and engaged with their respective customers.

3. Boomerang

Only recently, social media had become fascinated and later obsessed with GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) images. The fascination even though remains the same but has been upgraded to another level of ‘Boomerang.’ The application designed by Instagram allows the creation of captivating mini videos that loop back and forth making it fun to use and watch.

Brands are taking advantage of the application to promote their products or even elicit a fun feeling to entertain the audience. It has known to improve Instagram advertising experience with its simple interface and interactive content. Moreover, the videos are inherently shareable that allows content distribution across different medium and social channels.

4. Social Media E-commerce

Long gone are the days when social media was only used for networking and socializing. Online shopping is no more restricted to e-commerce sites. With businesses integrating their corporate websites to their social media pages, consumers are actively following the accounts specifically looking for a new item to purchase or a sale offer to avail.


Following this shopping practice, brands are taking leverage of the situation by introducing a ‘Buy now’ call-to-action button on Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest accounts. The idea is to attract the viewer with an enticing offer and simplifying the purchasing procedure to convert them into a customer.

5. Virtual & Augmented Reality

As video/visual marketing is gaining attention, the use of virtual and AR technology goes one step ahead in giving users an exhilarating and immersive experience in understanding the brand. By providing a simulated look and feel of the environment, you remotely share a part of your designed world to a worldwide audience. Many renowned brands like Mercedes, Oreo, TOMS are using virtual reality in their marketing. A 360-degree picture or video is another feature that marketers are aggressively utilizing to make the images stand out and captivate the viewer with it surrealism.


This goes on to show that as the customers are getting more demanding in their choices and preferences, digital marketers are exploring different options in order to satisfy the changing needs. However, no matter how and when the trend changes, a business should always design its social media strategy in accordance with the target audience’s likes and understanding. Social media is all about experimenting and implementing of unique methods, and a customer will most likely purchase a product if it resonates well with its value and ideas.



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