5 Signs Your Website is Boring

E Commerce
August 1, 2017 By Invictus Studio Editor

Designing a website is like giving your customer a one stop place to understand and discover your business. Since your website will personally communicate your message to your potential audience, it is wise to consider the likes and interest of your end-user. A mediocre website will only reflect the mediocrity of your business.

If you are going to spend a hefty amount of money on a website design, make sure to do it in the right way. If your website is going to bore the user, it is less likely that they will visit it again. In the end, your business will not only miss the opportunities to grow but also tarnish its reputation. How to know whether your website is missing that mark? Here are five signs that will give you a clear indication that your web design is simply boring and lacks any visual appeal.

1. More text, fewer images


A website cluttered with too much text is neither effective in communicating your message nor will help to raise your SEO rankings. Even if a user somehow manages to land on your website through a search engine site, they are not going to stay long enough to perform the desired action. With more text and fewer visuals, you cannot expect the end-user to read everything. They have a little attention span and will only retain anything interesting or unusual.

While scrolling, a user tends to pay more attention to illustrations and images. Of course, the text helps to narrate your idea but if you are unnecessarily adding it just to fill the spaces, then the bad news is: Your website is boring and fails to drive the user attention.

2. Unreadable

Even if you are planning to keep just plain text on your website, then it is necessary to ensure the readability of it. There is no point in using a font to style your text if, in the end, your target audience finds it difficult to read. Imagine a customer coming to your site looking for answers, only to return with more questions and confusions. The website, in this case, becomes not only boring but also unprofessional and intensely irritating.

3. Colors Carelessness


Plain, light and dull colors are never appealing. However, that does not imply that a website is filled with neon colors to enhance its appeal. Not carefully selecting the colors can create a design mess. If your website fails to strike the perfect balance in color tones and contrast, it is no secret as to why the user slowly becomes weary of the interface design.

4. No Social Media Links

Let’s face it; this is the social media era. Any business that exists in the physical world must have a social presence as well. For many users, social media is the easiest way to judge a brand’s personality and hence search for its link on respective company’s web page. Even though there is a common belief that social media and a corporate website should be kept separate but if you wish to keep your end-user engaged, social media is a tool to utilize.

5. High Bounce Rate


Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who leave your website after only viewing a page. An acceptable bounce rate lies between 26-40%. If the analytics of your site is exceeding that range, then it suggests some trouble. It can be either that the potential customer is not convinced with your design layout or did not find what it was looking for within the first page of the website.

Hiring a professional website designer that understands the web aesthetics and functionality can give you an edge here. Not only will such a designer formulate a systematic flow of your site but also arrange the elements in a way that any normal customer can easily access it.






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