5 Reasons Your Website Needs a Redesign

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February 7, 2018 By Invictus Studio Editor

It’s a common practice for businesses that time to time they keep making certain changes here and there on their website. Changes can be done for multiple purposes, for instance, to add up an advanced feature, to integrate a social platform, to update a site form and the list goes on. In comparison to these regular changes the complete website redesign can be a bit overwhelming as it may require any or all of the following fixes:

  • Adding Plugins
  • Overall look of pages
  • The user experience
  • Entire site structure

For small businesses especially for an e-commerce site, a website redesign can be no less than a herculean task as it takes a lot of money, time and right resource to get it done. Keeping the fact in mind, most of the small business owners tend to avoid a website redesign. Albeit, it is necessary to keep your site up to date as per the modern IT solutions or else it will be failed to provide desired user experience to the visitors. Following are the five most important reasons that explain why your website needs a redesign.

Your Site Takes Longer to Load:


If you want your visitors to stay on your website, first and foremost make sure that your website loading time does not exceed 3 seconds. According to a survey conducted by Akamai; 49 percent visitors expect a site to get loaded in 2 seconds. With shorter attention spans the majority of visitors will not be willing to wait patiently for your website to get completely load.

Your Site is Not Mobile Responsive:


Over the last decade, the majority of web searches have been shifted to the mobile phones. As per the statistics approx. 80% of the internet users own smartphones and 61% of them are unlikely to return to a website that looks awful on phone. Hence, this fact should be taken into consideration while designing a website. If your website design is not mobile responsive it will be failed to provide an ideal user experience on the smartphone.

Your Website is Poorly Ranked on Search Engines:

If your website is having a trouble in ranking well on search engines the reasons behind maybe your SEO built on your website. SEO is constantly changing owing to which Google keeps updating its algorithms. With this in mind, the SEO which fetched you the enormous results in terms of rankings one year back might not be as effective today. If you want an effective SEO for your website then transform it into a responsive website.

Your Website Does Not Have a Blog:

33202925 - business office workplace flat illustration

If you are unable to get the desired SEO results from your website, then you might have skipped the Blog feature on it. Most businesses are unaware of the power of blog thus they don’t consider to add a Blog page on their site. Although Blog, on one hand, can help you build a strong connection with your visitors on the other hands they provide fresh content to search engines which eventually helps in website ranking. If you do not have a blog, then you definitely need a website redesign to incorporate one.

Your Website is Built with Flash:

Untitled design (2)

Almost a decade ago, flash used to be a great feature for a website but sadly the scenario has been totally changed now and the websites with too much Flash are considered ridiculously heavy and outdated nowadays. In like manner, Flash is not even supported on devices such as IPad and IPhone. If your website was originally built with Flash, then get yourself prepared for a redesign without a second thought.



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