5 Essential Tools for Aspiring Logo Designers

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June 12, 2018 By Invictus Studio Editor

If you aspire to become a logo designer, you can simply start the learning process at home. Believe it or not, every home has the tools that are required to kick off the logo designing process. The need here is to just possess the tremendous skill set and a passion for pursuing the logo designing as a career, and there is nothing that could keep you from designing amazing logos.

Here we have rounded up the rundown of stationery and other essential tools needed to embark on your career as a logo designer.


The pencil is a must have and one of the essential items for a logo designer. It is recommended to use a mechanical pencil instead of a conventional one so that you can keep sketching without pausing the task for frequent nip sharpening. It is also suggested to hold a colored pencil alongside so that you can provide extra detailing to your design.



In today’s technology-driven era, when the paper has become secondary and insignificant in many ways, still the importance of the paper is irrefutable for those who aim to become logo designers. Not to mention, you can build up your ideas while sketching on the software. Still, the freedom and speed you experience while sketching on the paper is unmatchable. It is recommended for you to carry both large A3 size as well as a pocket-size sketchbook so that you can brainstorm your ideas effectively as per your convenience.



Needless to say, almost every household has a computer, the type could differ depending on the budget, but that does not make a huge difference necessarily, as the software requires for the logo designing are usually not too processor heavy. However, it is preferred for you to invest in a large screen as this would help you a lot in developing the high-quality professional logo designs. On the bigger screen, you could zoom in and out to the extent you want. Thus the large screen allows you to create the seamless artworks.

Software for Logo Designing:

It’s quite obvious that once you have a computer, the next step for you is to invest in the appropriate software you could work on. For logo designs, you need vector graphics editor. Adobe Illustrator is considered as the standard software for logo designing. However, you can also get your hands on the various other free options.

  • Adobe Illustrator:

Although you could find a variety of free options available, but when it comes to accuracy and functionality, there is nothing that could be replaced with Adobe Illustrator. The array of features, choices and freedom to create Adobe bestows you with is unbeatable. In Adobe Illustrator a number of quality tools such as pen tools, pencil tools, pathfinder tools etc. allow you to draw the shapes accurately with precision. At the same time, you can integrate a variety of plugins to the software that will further extend your capabilities to produce the excellent pieces of artworks with perfection.

  • Vectr:

Vectr is preferred among the popular browser-based vector graphic software that allows you to simply just sign up and use it. However, similar to other free software, the number of features are quite limited on this one as well,  but still, it’s a good option where you could practice and attain a grip on basic tools like pen and pencil before investing in a paid software.


Almost every logo design require typography hence you need to invest in some good fonts, or you could totally create them yourself from scratch. There are plenty of options available you could choose from, some are free others are paid., some of the best distributors from where you could grab quality fonts online are Myfonts, Design Cuts, Hype for Type and many other similar options available out there.

In conclusion, this simple and straightforward guide could be beneficial for all the passionate and amateur logo designers who have an aim to get into the logo designing business and for those as well who strive to develop prowess in logo designing.


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