12 Personal Brand Examples To Follow And Brand Yourself Right Now

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April 17, 2020 By Invictus Studio Editor

In the world filled with concrete jungles, personal brand examples aren’t hard to find. Among all the herds and flocks, these would stand alone as the most valuable and prized species in the wild.

As the name itself indicates, personal brands are made of people – or rather people who have become brands themselves. Hearing their names is enough. You get dragged into the nostalgia and reminisce of their life, works, products, and so on. These people know what they’re doing and its time you should learn to do the same.

But wait. Building a brand from scratch isn’t an overnight thing. It isn’t like the race track where you’d sprint and make it to the first place within seconds. The famous personal brand examples you see are only the tip of the iceberg. For them, it has taken time, dedication, commitment, hard work, and most of all, patience to become an expert in their domain. Overall, personal branding is a continuous cycle that keeps going on and on, giving you opportunities to improve yourself.

So before you go through the list below, make sure you understand each brand and what message they put on the table. It will help you realize your platform, audience, and your passion in the best possible way.

Without further ado, here we go.


12 Names Slaying Personal Brand Examples


  1. Zig Ziglar



You might know him for his motivational quotes and books, but Zig Ziglar is one of the best personal brand examples inspiring millions to-date. Initially a charter member of the American Salesmasters, Ziglar went on to speak to audiences of sales agents, small business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople and financial advisors, becoming a significant speaker.

He trained several and developed his name. Now that he’s no longer among us, Ziglar’s children continue his legacy to provide training and coaching for personal development, sales, and business skills.


  1. Grant Cardone



Grant Cardone is an extraordinary man among the picture-perfect examples we know of. He is someone who claims to be the #1 sale and marketing trainer in the world. Grant is an author, sales trainer, speaker and entrepreneur belonging to the real estate and auto industry even though his business makes almost 10 million sales annually.

The best bit is that he encourages his followers, readers, and clients to make success a mindset and share his vision of leadership, achievement, and inspiration. To date, his book The 10X Rule and business program The 10X movement has attracted the audience to his powerful and charismatic personality.


  1. Tony Robbins



The way he works might be called controversial, but he’s still one of the best life coaches and trainers in the speaking industry. Tony Robbins is one of those living breathing personal brand examples who has spent 40 years helping others get their lives together and find their purpose in life.

If you’ve been following him, you’ll see this speaker as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and much more from his website to tweets and podcasts brimming with inspiration all the time. If you feel like pumping up some dose of motivation, check out on the most confident man in America.


  1. Oprah Winfrey



As soon as you enter her website, you know the face and name from the vividly popular show ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Starting as a TV show hostess to continuing her journey to become an author, a billionaire entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an actress and a television producer, Oprah Winfrey has become a legend. You know you see a personal brand when they wear too many hats and do all so well.

Her domain is branded with her name. Her own TV network and the app are branded. Regardless of whatever platform this TV show mogul chooses, her name is heavy enough to make it a popular one.


  1. Arianna Huffington



If you are to brand yourself, you need to match your image with your work. That’s what you’d see on Arianna Huffington’s site. She’s an author, columnist, and businesswoman. She’s also the founder of Thrive Global and co-founder of The Huffington Post.

She comes as one of the personal brand examples for leaders. Why? If you scour her name, sites with high-authority like Forbes, Thrive Global, and TED will pop up, mentioning her name. The best thing is that Arianna injects her personality into the brand she has become. Call her name or her brand, and it’s the same.


  1. Neil Patel



Neil Patel is a digital marketing strategist, analytics expert, entrepreneur, and trainer. He’s the founder of neilpatel.com and the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello bar, and KISSmetrics. As per his expertise, Neil has helped giants like Amazon, NBC, Viacom and others grow their revenue.

The reason why we list him today among our personal brand examples is because of his interaction with his audience. His style is effortless and communicative, where he also responds to the comments people post on his blogs. He’s a brilliant example of someone using the power of digital marketing to grow their name.


  1. Jay Shetty



To hit the stardom of famous personal brand examples, you need to have a story to celebrate. Jay Shetty is a name familiar to most of us for his inspiring and motivating personal messages via videos. He has built a fantastic reputation around his followers, podcast, his website, and webinars.

If you’re wondering what story he’s got, he’s a graduate turned monk, who then joined the world to share his messages of inspiration. A look into his videos and you’ll find him at the end, explaining the message. This is what most personal brand examples are made up of.


  1. Kathy Caprino



Kathy Caprino runs her own coaching firm, Kathy Caprino, LLC, that offers career coaching and leadership training to women. Her motive is surrounds helping women advance in their fields and motivating them to grow on a personal level.

Her website is built around her name, the firm shares her name, and you can see her smiling portrait at the homepage with a personalized quote and sign. For that reason, anyone looking for such services can find her – just using her name. Throughout her site, the vibe of her coaching enthusiasm is strongly felt.


  1. Tai Lopez



A born-incentive to personal branding is that you can sell yourself once you become famous. That’s what Tai Lopez is doing. He’s an investor, entrepreneur, and author who helps businesses generate massive revenue. His website showcases offers of his training courses, complied with his professional image.

Like the personal brand examples mentioned above, Tai uses a full name domain for all the work he does online. The website is directly aimed at selling and helping businesses make thousands of dollars in revenue. His message, content, and offers align with how he’s consistent with his brand.


  1. Lewis Howes



Lewis Howes is a name that has inspired many when it comes to life and business. He’s known probably for his LinkedIn professionalism. Coming a long way through several obstacles, he uses his own example to teach how people can make their lives better.

Though his brand established in time, Lewis became a bestselling author, mentor, podcaster, and life coach. Each part of his website showcases his images and his personal story with utmost transparency. Most of all, his own brand is built around his passion for helping others achieve greatness and success in life.


  1. Martha Stewart



Martha Stewart isn’t a name. It’s a brand. Starting with cooking, her website touches on several areas of lifestyle, such as interior design and gardening. Regardless of whatever she’s working with, there’s a sense of harmony in almost every recipe, and even in paint choices.

Being the home expert, Martha gives practical advice for all-rounder home-making, which helps her gain the trust of millions. From simplest tips to complex issues, Martha’s website offers visitors a flexible experience.


  1. Chris Ducker



You can’t be an advanced digital entrepreneur if you haven’t come across Chris Ducker’s Youpreneur. He’s a trainer and mentor to young and old entrepreneurs alike. As for Youpreneur, it’s Chris’s personal brand-building community where he trains and supports each individual turn their dream into a reality.

From the book to the podcast, Chris manages all his platforms equally well, keeping everything consistent and splendid.




So, there’s our list of personal brand examples, each one of which is unique in its own style. However, we must admit that we missed several names (Gary Vaynerchuk, Elon Musk, Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferris, and others). These all are incredible people with personal brands that don’t probably need an introduction.

However, each of the personal brand examples picked is meant to inspire you. Check all of these and you’ll see a well-created website with the person’s image and theme of their work. The messages are clear and transparent. Once you go towards branding yourself personally and pick the lessons from the websites, you can manage to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself.



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